Governon Mike Dewine signing H.B. 33 into law on Wednesday, January 6, 2021.

We’re kicking off the year with wonderful news. Governor Dewine signed H.B. 33 into law on Wednesday afternoon, 1/6/21, in a virtual signing ceremony with several other bills. OAA’s Executive Director Vicki Deisner spoke at the event and thanked Representatives Lanese and Carruthers for working tirelessly with the animal welfare community to get this critical legislation passed. We’re grateful for a diverse alliance of stakeholders including veterinarians, social workers, law enforcement, humane societies, humane enforcement agents, dog wardens and prosecutors. We mobilized support from our members via our Action Alerts too.

H.B. 33 requires veterinarians, social workers, and counselors to report suspected animal abuse to law enforcement and humane enforcement agents. The legislation also requires law enforcement, dog wardens and animal control officers to report suspected child abuse to social services. This important cross-reporting legislation will create safer communities for Ohio families and their pets, especially during this pandemic when domestic violence and animal abuse is on the rise”.