Calling all veterinarians! 📢 🐾

APHIS/USDA are asking for COMMENTS from individuals with expertise in animal care. This is a rare opportunity for veterinary professionals—like you—to share substantive comments with USDA that could help improve federal standards at large-scale commercial breeding farms. Veterinary professionals are uniquely positioned to provide the specific expertise APHIS/USDA are requesting.

Quick Action: Follow the link in our bio to a page where you can simply sign onto a letter urging USDA to make changes to require enrichment for all species covered by the AWA and better protect wild animals and the public. Don’t forget to highlight your veterinary professional credentials!

Veterinary professionals can send recommendations/comments to USDA via the Federal Register website by typing their comments in this link! Suggested topics of discussion include tripling the minimum enclosure sizes for dogs, prohibiting stacking wire cages, and  bringing light to multidrug-resistant Campylobacter outbreaks caused by the bad living conditions.

The deadline to submit comments is April 10th!!