The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) asked OAA to produce a tip sheet for county adult and child protective service workers, and we were honored to help.

This H.B 33 Tip Sheet summarizes how to identify animal abuse or neglect and report it to county authorities. Though it’s designed for APS/CPS workers to meet the requirements of H.B. 33, we believe it also helps the general public.

It’s important to know the red flags that signal the possibility of animal abuse.

If you believe that an animal is suffering from harm, abuse or neglect, contact a cruelty reporting agency. To find one nearest you, use the OAA Resource Directory and search cruelty reporting by zip code.

Remember, it takes a village to make a difference but it starts with each one of us. If you see something wrong, report it. OAA will continue to fight for the voice of animals and we’re thankful that you’re in this fight with us.