A picture is worth 1,000 words, a prosecuting attorney told a jury about the deplorable conditions of a home, where a woman was raising her four children amid dozens of dogs and other animals. She described the conditions of Tesha Samaj Berry’s mobile home as being full of urine and feces, and submitted nearly 100 photographs for juror to review as part of the evidence in the case.

The jury found Berry guilty of three misdemeanor counts of child endangerment and one felony count of child endangerment because the child was 6 years old or younger, four misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty for the reportedly illegal cropping of her dogs’ ears and two misdemeanor counts of neglect of an animal. Berry was also found guilty of 34 summary offenses that included improper animal ear cropping and neglect of animals.

We need to hold people accountable for these injustices towards children and animals, for their safety and security. Read about the whole trial to learn more.