After a week of advocating to members on the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review, the Governor’s office, and the media, OAA and the Animal Welfare Institute’s efforts tabled OAC proposed rules 901:1-6-05 (F), which would allow breeders to perform tail docking and dew claw removal procedures on puppies without pain medication or anesthesia, and 901:1-6-08 (A), which would allow breeders to perform their own background checks. 

JCARR tabled the first rule before the hearing, and after their hearing yesterday morning, where Executive Director Vicki Deisner, Board member and veterinarian Joanna Reens, Advocacy Assistant Lilah Foley, and Interns Carli Frey and Nandita Gaddam testified against the second rule, the Ohio Department of Agriculture was sent back to the drawing board in regard to these rules. 

View this article where OAA’s Executive Director Vicki Deisner explains these rules and the horrific consequences they would have had within Ohio’s puppy mills.