To kick off our countdown until OAA’s Giving Week, we want to highlight our work with Community Cats 🐈

OAA strives to educate cat owners about the importance of spay/neuter for your furry friend. We understand that this can be a financial burden for many people.

That is why we are highlighting an amazing low cost spay and neuter clinic coming to Ohio next week! Pre-registration is required at www.pub.vet.

Guernsey County residents get $30 off at the clinic in Cambridge with valid proof of residence. In addition, Morgan County residents are eligible for a $40 voucher up to 4 cats compliments of MoCo Kitty Kontrol for the McConnelsville clinic. Just email your booking confirmation email to mocogranny@yahoo.com along with your mailing address to receive your voucher/s!

With your support, OAA and Together Initiative held its 2nd annual Community Cat Summit in November of 2022, with keynote speaker Peter Wolf from Best Friends Animal Society. We presented our report of Ohio’s Community Cat Resources: State of the State Report, which not only updated TNR resources around the state but also identified the TNR deserts in Ohio.

Check out our Community Cats program page for more information and resources!! Get excited because Giving Week is only a week away!!