Only two more days until Giving Week! Today we wanted to discuss our important work on the link between Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse.

Victims of domestic violence know that leaving their pets behind puts them at even greater risk of abuse once the victims are gone. Animals are often used by the abuser to punish or manipulate, as well as to take revenge against, the victim.

If you or someone you know is struggling to leave an abusive environment, please look on our grant and assistance page for resources.

OAA’s Executive Director, Vicki Deisner, was asked to present, along with 9 other speakers, at an international conference on The Link – Between Animal And Violence Among People in Lisbon, Portugal 6/2/23. Vicki was asked to discuss the strategy behind the passage of Ohio’s comprehensive cross-reporting legislation that was signed into law in April 2021, which requires social workers, counselors, therapists and veterinarians to report animal abuse, and law enforcement, animal control officers and dog wardens to report on child abuse. Portugal is interested in passing similar legislation to protect their families and pets.

By supporting OAA this Giving Week, you can help be the change in preventing Domestic Violence and Animal Abuse.