We had a great time visiting Homeless to Home Cat Sanctuary last month! ?

Homeless to Home’s mission is to prevent the suffering of animals, no matter the issue. We learned about their nonstop calls for help with a hurt eagle, a litter of kittens whose mother was killed, TNR requests, and hoarding issues from all over the country. They’ve developed a great network with other animal rescue agencies to either take overflow from their sanctuary or place/care for an animal in which they do not have resources to handle. They currently house approximately 200 cats!

The next step in their endeavors is raising money to build a 24/7 clinic with low-cost S/N services and around the clock emergency care. We had so much fun touring their facility and speaking with their Founder and Executive Director, Jeanine Tarintino!

Stay tuned to learn about our next Real Ohio Tour opportunity this month (hint: it’s the largest fox sanctuary in the United States!)