On 8/4/23, OAA Executive Director Vicki Deisner and Board Member Dr. Alba Gonzalez joined our friends at Found House Interfaith Housing Network in Cincinnati, OH on the opening of its first site-based, pet-supportive housing project in Walnut Hills called Melrose Place!

OAA has worked with Interfaith Housing Network on the link between animal and human violence, and My Dog Is My Home on housing challenges to families and pets.

Interfaith Housing Network has helped parents and children experiencing homelessness through emergency shelter and housing services for over 30 years, with an emphasis on keeping the whole family together (including animals) during the crisis of housing loss.

Ohioans can advocate for and help the homeless and their pets by contacting your Congressional Representatives and asking them to sponsor the PUPP Act, a grant program for homeless shelters that would establish a grant program for homeless shelters to support clients with pets. You can access this action alert here: https://www.ohioanimaladvocates.org/act/support-unhoused-people-and-pets/