Be a responsible consumer! When seeking a new animal companion, adopt locally through rescues and shelters. If buying from a breeder, ensure they are responsibly and humanely breeding animals.

Some signs of responsible breeding, according to The Humane Society of the United States, include:
– Responsible breeders will encourage you to visit the space where the puppies were born and raised.
– Responsible breeders never use cages and small spaces. All animals should have clean, roomy, and comfortable living spaces.
– Responsible breeders breed sparingly. They specialize in one or a few breeds of dogs and don’t have puppies available all the time.
– Responsible breeders will show you individual records of veterinary visits for your puppy and the parents.
– Responsible breeders will want you to sign a contract and will ask you to return the puppy to them if you are ever unable to keep the dog.