Today is the Day! Help us continue our mission to advocate for the animals this #givingtuesday!

We are already halfway to our goal of $4,000 this Giving Tuesday. Please consider donating and becoming a member of Ohio Animal Advocates.Your support helps our non-profit continue our advocacy. This past year we have hosted two community cat summits in conjunction with Together Initiative. Our Executive Director, Vicki Deisner, traveled to Portugal to discuss the success of Ohio House Bill 33. This legislation increases mandatory reporters of animal abuse to include social workers and veterinarians.

We are currently working with HSUS to pass a Columbus ordinance to ban the sale of new fur products. This will decrease demand for fur farms in Ohio and showcase Columbus’s dedication to sustainability. We are also advocating for stronger enforcement of puppy mills in Ohio.

We appreciate your continued support for our nonprofit. Please consider making a donation this Giving Tuesday using this link: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=DK9S7PWBNEZ9W