We’re thrilled to introduce an evolution of Ohio Animal Advocates.

As you know, OAA works hard towards our mission and we’ve made much progress. Among the many milestones, in one short year we’ve:

  • Grown our membership by over 70%
  • Grown our partnerships by over 175%
  • More than tripled our archive of OAA developed statewide resources

This growth has paved the way for big wins such as:

  • Defeating Ohio H.B. 553, a bad bill that removed the authority to regulate coyote hunting from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.
  • Passing Ohio H.B. 33 (anticipated), a good bill that requires key professionals to report animal abuse to authorities.
  • Developing statewide resources for those needing access to pet food pantries, low-cost clinics, havens for pets living with domestic violence, and more.

With our growth, we felt it was necessary to update our logo to one that more closely reflects who we are. What do you think?

True to our origin, we kept our core blue – a color that is associated with harmony, peace, calm and trust; which are all values we cherish as it relates to the human bond with animals. We also kept the original design focus on our abbreviated name, OAA, and our core font type. After all, we’re proud of where we started.

But we’re also excited of where we’re headed. Our excitement added an accent blue that feels alive, refreshing, and adds positive energy to our brand. We also updated design to reflect a diversity of animals together in harmony and under a bright sun. It’s compassionate and optimistic just like we are.

We hope you like our evolution as much as we do and are so grateful to have you be a part of this journey with us. Cheers to a future of continued success being Ohio’s voice for animals and making our great state more humane!