Support the Ban on New Fur Sales in Columbus

Speak up and urge the Columbus City Council to end this cruel trade.

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Each year, over 100 million animals are killed for their fur, and over 90% for large-scale fur farms. Most fur production takes place in China, where there are little to no animal welfare regulations. Animals are forced to live in confined, wire-bottom cages, where they are deprived of the ability to exhibit their natural behaviors. The animals are then killed in cruel ways, such as gassing or anal electrocution.

As of yet, there are no federal laws in the United States protecting animals on fur farms. Only thirteen cities across America have banned the sale of new fur. Modern technological advances have pushed major high fashion houses, like Dolce & Gabbana, to use faux fur made from recycled plastics. With high-quality, sustainable alternatives like these, more than 20 countries have begun to ban fur farming.

Fur production has major impacts on public health and the environment. The dying and tanning process uses toxic chemicals that have been proven to be harmful to humans, such as chromium and formaldehyde. Additionally, framed minks are the only animals known to transmit coronavirus to humans. Fur farms become large reservoirs for infectious diseases.

Chapter 544 would amend the Columbus Code to prohibit trade in new fur products. This would have no effect on second-hand shops or thrift stores that sell used fur products. Currently, there are only two stores within the Columbus region that sell fur products.

This past October, the Columbus Fashion Council held a fur-free runway show. Fashion Week Columbus featured seven days of presentations and runway shows. The collections showcased six different designers’ intricate looks without the use of animal furs.

Information from The Humane Society of The United States

What You Can Do:

Please use the sample letter below to send to the Columbus City Council, rallying against the cruel and unregulated market of new fur. You can find the contact information for the Columbus City Councilmembers on their website directory here.

Take Action:

Dear Columbus City Council,

As a resident of Columbus, I am writing to show support in favor of amending the Columbus Code to prohibit trade in fur products (Chapter 544) along with the 71 percent of Americans who oppose killing innocent animals for fur.

The City of Columbus has continually taken steps over the past years to become a leader in animal welfare. With Columbus’ voters repeatedly demonstrating deep concern about humane treatment and the well-being of animals, it is time to take action.

Not only does this have a major effect on animals’ livelihoods, but our environment and public health as well. More than 470 fur farms across Europe and North America had tested positive for coronaviruses. Leading to nearly 20 million minks being killed due to their ability to transfer Covid-19 to humans. In addition, fur production consumes large amounts of energy and emits high pollution levels.

Phasing out the sale of new fur allows Columbus to be a role model in the animal welfare community. With new technology to make faux fur, this grossly unnecessary production of new fur sales needs to go. I hope you will work to protect these beloved animals from cruelty by amending this legislation. Thank you for your consideration.


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