Advocacy Network

OAA advocates for animals by effecting systemic change and working for the humane treatment of all animals in communities across the state through education, outreach, and campaigns.  Fundamental change can be accomplished through the collaborative efforts of diverse stakeholders who come together to work on innovative solutions.

Executive Director Vicki Deisner testifying at the 11/25/2019 Hilliard City Council meeting in opposition to Hilliard’s proposed ban on feeding community cats
The Hilliard City Council meeting room overflowing with animal advocates who opposed the ban on feeding community cats

OAA is building a statewide network of partners including social workers, veterinarians, prosecutors, attorneys, law enforcement, teachers, faith-based leaders, local and state agencies and policymakers, local/state/national animal welfare organizations, as well as grassroots and grasstop organizations and members.  OAA provides:

  • An on-line clearinghouse of training, information, and resources on critical issues impacting animals and humans
  • Regional and statewide training and conferences that will bring diverse stakeholders together to collaboratively work on solutions to shared challenges
  • Policy summits to strategically identify the root causes of abuse and develop campaigns that will address both short- and long-term solutions 
  • Statewide surveys of advocates and partners to assess public trends on animal welfare
  • Profiles of partners with an array of resources serving animals in communities across Ohio