Trailer Park Partnerships

OAA is partnering with government agencies to reach out to trailer park managers around the state

Community cats often form colonies around trailer parks (i.e. manufactured home parks) where kind residents offer to feed them. However, the cat colonies can be considered a nuisance for other residents, especially if food is left out that will attract other animals. Ohio trailer park managers, who may not know about or understand that trap/neuter/return (TNR) is the only humane and scientifically proven way of stemming overpopulation, may contact a company to trap and kill the community cats – which is illegal in the state of Ohio.

Under ORC 4781-12-22:

(B) Domestic animals or house pets shall not be allowed to run at large or create nuisances in manufactured homes parks. (Community cats are not considered domestic animals or house pets)

(C) Whenever conditions in the manufactured home park provide harboring for pests, the presence of which may adversely affect the health or safety of the residents, the operator shall immediately remove such conditions in a manner satisfactory to the Department. (This could apply to community cats where the situation has escalated)

OAA is partnering with government agencies, such as the Ohio Department of Commerce, to reach out to trailer park managers around the state. The goal is to offer education and TNR services that reduce any nuisance factor and address the feline overpopulation issue. In partnership with Licking County TNR, Humane Ohio and Together Initiative, OAA is arranging for training for the trailer park managers and residents regarding appropriate feeding and care of the cat colonies, as well as arrange for TNR services. OAA has assisted trailer parks around Ohio in:

  • Licking County
  • Defiance County
  • Wood County
  • Madison County
  • Summit County
  • Richland County

OAA will continue to work with the Ohio Department of Commerce and other government agencies to assist trailer parks with community cat colonies. We will help find humane solutions that trailer park managers and residents can use on community cats that have colonized in their parks.