Grants & Assistance

Assistance to Animal Welfare Organizations

Assistance for Challenged Families

  • Animal Farm Foundation: Grants available for sustainable shelter programs for keeping dogs and people together!  Many pets are relinquished to shelters due to financial and medical challenges.  Shelters can receive up to $30,000 in funding for sustainable program proposals.
  • Animal Farm Foundation: the People and Pets Together Grant supports the development of sustainable services or policy changes to keep people and pets together with the aim of reducing barriers to pet-retention.
  • Petsmart Charities: the Preserving Families new funding initiative supports programs that keep people and pets together through times of crisis, such as domestic violence, homelessness and hospice situations.

Assistance for the Homeless

  • Feeding Pets of the Homeless:
    • Pet Food Donation Sites: visit their website or use the OAA Resource Directory.
    • Wellness Clinics: visit their website for details.
    • Emergency Care Program: Case Managers are available to take new cases M-F 9am – 3pm PST, call 775-841-7463 for pet illness or injury assistance.
    • Pet Crates: offers collapsible crates to shelters that submit an online order request.

Assistance for Teachers

  • The deadline for a NAVS BioLEAP Classroom Grant for the 2023-2024 school year has already passed. Applications for next year’s grant cycle will re-open in January 2024. Awards of up to $1,000 can be used to offset the costs of purchasing non-animal dissection alternatives, as well as any necessary teacher training. Use your BioLEAP Classroom Grant to provide your students with a more innovative, and more effective, approach to learning the life sciences.

Assistance for Veterans

Emergency Veterinary Expense Grants

  • Black and Orange Cat Foundation: sterilizes feral cats in Madison and Union Counties in Ohio (
  • Bo Paws-It-Forward: provides grants for veterinary expenses such as vaccines, dental, microchips, spay/neuter, surgery, physical therapy, and professional veterinary behaviorist evaluations;
  • Brown Dog Foundation: helps with prescription medications and medical expenses.
  • Bummer Fund: Provides grants for medical crisis for Columbiana, Mahoning, and Trumbull counties.
  • Ellie’s Rainy Day Fund: Funds emergency and specialty veterinary care for Miami Valley families and their pets.
  • Frankie’s Friends: Provides financial assistance grants to family owned pets in need of lifesaving emergency or specialty veterinary care such as cancer or specialty eye care.
  • Friends & Vets Helping Pets: Funds treatments for curable (lifesaving, not life-prolong) diseases such as tumors, broken bones, ambulatory care, expensive medication, or post-surgical prosthetics such as a K-9 cart;,(859) 309-2043
  • Frosted Faces Foundation: Provides veterinary care that is required to maintain and enhance the quality of life for senior animals. They can also help with food, supplies, training, grooming, pet deposits, fence repairs, and impound fees.
  • Hope Mending Hearts: Provides financial and resource assistance for urgent veterinary care.
  • Jake Brady Memorial Fund: Provides grants for surgical procedures, emergency treatment, preventive therapy, room and board, and medications statewide; (440) 937-4000
  • Land of PureGold Foundation: Provides $1,000 grants to working dogs diagnosed with cancer;
  • Lexi’s Legacy: Funds necessary medical treatments for certain serious conditions and emergency services;
  • Live Like Roo Foundation Medical Application: Provides financial assistance to help cover healthcare costs related to cancer treatment.
  • Magic Bullet Fund: Provides assistance for cancer treatments, surgery, or chemotherapy.
  • MedVet Charitable Foundation: Central Ohio
  • Miranda’s People: Dedicated to assisting dogs with cancer,
  • NAVS Sanctuary Fund: for animal rescues, shelters, and sanctuaries in desperate need of emergency assistance across the United States.
  • Ohio Paws with Purpose: statewide; assists with medical costs for animals with illness or in need of surgery as well as euthanasia costs;
  • Paws for a Cure: Provides financial assistance throughout the United States for veterinary care for all illnesses and injury treatment which also includes medication, insulin, Heartworm positive treatment and medical equipment such as wheelchairs.
  • Petfinder Foundation: statewide; assists Petfinder members caring for pets through medical, disaster, and enrichment grants.
  • Red Rover: statewide assistance for pets with life-threatening injuries or illnesses.
  • The Mosby Foundation: Assists in the care for critically sick, injured, abused and neglected dogs through financial support.
  • The Onyx & Breezy Foundation: Provides financial assistance for spay and neuter, rescue of animals from kill shelters, food, medicine, and supplies;
  • The Pet Fund: Provides financial assistance for non-basic, non-urgent care such as cancer treatment, heart disease, chronic conditions, endocrine diseases, eye diseases;
  • Valley Save-a-Pet: Provides statewide assistance for emergency veterinarian care statewide; (440) 232-9124
  • Violet’s Friends in Need: Offers financial assistance for urgent or critical veterinary care, surgeries, therapies or mobility solutions that are too costly for pet parents.

Pet Protection Grants (helping animals escape domestic violence)

  • RedRover Safe Housing Grant Application: Grants of up to $60,000 are offered to nonprofit domestic violence and animal organizations across the United States. Funding may be used to build or renovate spaces dedicated to housing survivor’s pets, begin a foster program to care for survivor’s pets, pay for temporary boarding for survivor’s pets, or a combination of services that will best serve your community. Grant funds may also be used for routine veterinary care, emergency veterinary care, and pet deposits. Funds requested to pay for boarding, medical care, and pet deposits are intended to help with program costs for a maximum of two years. It is expected that your pet program will cover those costs after that time. The funds requested must also be based on a researched or demonstrated need for the number of animals expected to use the pet program.

**The deadlines for submitting a Safe Housing grant application are March 1st, June 1st, and September 1st. Applications may be submitted at any time, but any applications received after a deadline will not be reviewed until the following deadline. Funding decisions will be made within 45 days of the application deadlines.

  • American Kennel Club: the Humane Fund is for domestic violence shelters that have safe havens for pets. Funds essential operations or capital improvements specifically for the pet safe havens.
  • RedRover:
    • Domestic Violence Safe Escape Grants: for victims entering domestic violence shelters that do not have safe havens for their pets. Funds provide for pet care off-site of the shelter.
    • Domestic Violence Safe Housing Animal Shelter Grant: helping animal shelters or rescues with the ability to house animals at their facility who are partnering with domestic violence shelters. Funds provide for either new pet housing or renovation/expansion.
    • Domestic Violence Safe Housing Startup/Off-Site Grants: for agencies with a primary mission of sheltering victims of domestic violence. Funds support the development of a program with a licensed animal care facility. See link for programs ready to start in 3 months of less.
    • Domestic Violence Safe Housing On-Site Grant: for agencies with a primary mission of sheltering victims of domestic violence. Funds support the development of an on-site safe haven for pets.
    • Don’t Forget the Pets: a collaboration of RedRover, Greater Good Charities, and PetSmart Charities; lists grants and other important resources for pet programs including safe havens for companion animals escaping domestic violence or threatened with losing their homes due to eviction.

Service Dogs for the Disabled

  • Assistance Dog United Campaign: operated in association with The Assistance Dog Institute, this nonprofit helps people with disabilities find funding to purchase service dogs.