Grants & Assistance

Assistance to Animal Welfare Organizations

  • Ohio Animal Foundation: statewide small grants program awarded to Ohio nonprofit organizations working to improve the lives of animals.

Assistance for Challenged Families

  • Animal Farm Foundation: the People and Pets Together Grant supports the development of sustainable services or policy changes to keep people and pets together with the aim of reducing barriers to pet-retention.
  • Petsmart Charities: the Preserving Families new funding initiative supports programs that keep people and pets together through times of crisis, such as domestic violence, homelessness and hospice situations.

Assistance for the Homeless

  • Feeding Pets of the Homeless:
    • Pet Food Donation Sites: visit their website or use the OAA Resource Directory.
    • Wellness Clinics: visit their website for details.
    • Emergency Care Program: visit their website to be connected to a case manager.
    • Pet Crates: offers collapsible crates to shelters that submit an online order request.

Emergency Veterinary Expense Grants

Humane Alternative Grants

  • The National Anti-Vivisection Society is accepting grant applications this fall 2021 for educators to replace dissection activities with humane alternatives (

Pet Protection Grants (helping animals escape domestic violence)

  • American Kennel Club: the Humane Fund is for domestic violence shelters that have safe havens for pets. Funds essential operations or capital improvements specifically for the pet safe havens.
  • Banfield Foundation: their Safer Together Grants provide funding in support of pets of domestic violence victims and is for pet-friendly domestic violence shelters, animal shelters, boarding facilities or foster care systems.
  • RedRover:
    • Domestic Violence Safe Escape Grants: for victims entering domestic violence shelters that do not have safe havens for their pets. Funds provide for pet care off-site of the shelter.
    • Domestic Violence Safe Housing Animal Shelter Grant: helping animal shelters or rescues with the ability to house animals at their facility who are partnering with domestic violence shelters. Funds provide for either new pet housing or renovation/expansion.
    • Domestic Violence Safe Housing Startup/Off-Site Grants: for agencies with a primary mission of sheltering victims of domestic violence. Funds support the development of a program with a licensed animal care facility. See link for programs ready to start in 3 months of less.
    • Domestic Violence Safe Housing On-Site Grant: for agencies with a primary mission of sheltering victims of domestic violence. Funds support the development of an on-site safe haven for pets.
    • Don’t Forget the Pets: a collaboration of RedRover, Greater Good Charities, and PetSmart Charities; lists grants and other important resources for pet programs including safe havens for companion animals escaping domestic violence or threatened with losing their homes due to eviction.

Service Dogs for the Disabled

  • Assistance Dog United Campaign: operated in association with The Assistance Dog Institute, this nonprofit helps people with disabilities find funding to purchase service dogs.