OAA History

Ohio Animal Advocates (OAA) advocates for animals by effecting systemic change and working toward the humane treatment of all animals. This includes active support of local and state legislation toward the prevention of animal cruelty as well as public awareness campaigns designed to teach communities across Ohio about the ongoing threats to animals.

OAA began as a small, dedicated group of Ohioans concerned about the unmet needs of Ohio animals.  Our Board members, committee members, and founders have been working on animal welfare issues on the ground in local communities throughout Ohio as well as statewide policy at the statehouse, with the goal of making a difference for Ohio’s animals and the communities in which they live. This dedicated group of Ohioans came together in 2018 to form Ohio Animal Advocates with the goal of raising visibility of issues Ohio’s animal population regularly faces.

OAA achieves its mission in a variety of powerful ways. We help create policies that protect animals and work to ensure that humane laws are vigorously enforced. We also establish relevant and practical solutions to take on seemingly insurmountable animal cruelty issues. By challenging and changing entrenched systems that harm animals, we are elevating animal protection concerns from a “fringe” issue to one taken seriously by the public and policymakers, who are beginning to understand the deep connection between the welfare of animals and that of society overall.

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, OAA depends upon donations, volunteers, and grants to continue its mission. We encourage people to work for animals on a daily basis, since improving conditions for animals often means that each person must become personally involved. Please support our work and be active for animals.

OAA Founders

  • Dr. Mark Bamberger, Esq., Spring Valley OH
  • Amy Blank, Bexley OH
  • Andrew Blank, Bexley OH
  • Pat Currie, Columbus OH
  • Laura Dehlendorf, Bexley OH
  • Vicki Deisner, Esq., Columbus OH
  • Phil Greenberg, Columbus OH
  • Gene Klingler, Columbus OH
  • Abby Lavelle, Columbus OH
  • David Sickles, Willoughby OH

OAA is registered with and recognized by the IRS and the Ohio Secretary of State’s office in good standing (EIN 83-1947658)

Logo designed by Colleen Smith