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If you’re looking for low-cost spay/neuter options in Ohio,
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Welcome to Ohio Spay/Neuter Connection, a program of Ohio Animal Advocates (OAA) in partnership with United Spay Alliance

The goal of Ohio Spay/Neuter Connection is to eliminate the euthanasia of healthy and treatable cats and dogs by reducing the pet population through spaying and neutering.

Spay/neuter programs are incredibly cost-effective compared to sheltering animals. A national survey found that shelters spend an average of $176 for each impounded animal, with a cost of $450 to ultimately place an animal into a new home.

Low-cost spay/neuter programs have been shown to reduce both euthanasia and shelter intake rates

Cost savings due to spay/neuter range from $116-$390 per animal

NEWS FLASH! Ohio House Bill 67 established the Ohio Veterinary Student Debt Assistance Program. It is the first legislation of its kind in the country, rechanneling unused veterinary license fee revenue back towards veterinarians to help address the growing veterinary student debt burden. The application portal is now open here (be sure to scroll down to the charitable loans section on the page).


  1. OAA’s Statewide Resource Directory of Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Providers
  2. OAA’s Statewide Resource Directory of Trap/Neuter/Return Providers
  3. The Feline Fix by Five campaign
    The goal is simple. Spread the word – cats can and should be spayed/neutered by five months of age, or even earlier (cats can become pregnant at four months of age). Early spay/neuter is essential to avoiding unwanted litters.
  4. Community Cats:  Ohio’s Municipal Guide for Busy Leaders
    Produced by OAA and Together Initiative, this guide is an excellent resource for advocates to use when working with local policymakers to pass ordinances on community cat management, feeding, and trap/neuter/return.
  5. Ohio Community Cat Summit
    On 10/9/21, OAA partnered with Together Initiative to host a virtual, statewide Ohio Community Cat Summit. The event featured keynote speaker Sterling Davis, the TrapKing, who gave up his music career to start a cat shelter. You can view the Community Cat Summit here.

Given the known benefits of sterilization and the lack of evidence for harm related to age at which the procedure is performed, the Veterinary Task Force on Feline Sterilization calls for veterinary practitioners and professional associations to recommend sterilization of cats by five months of age.

2016 statement by the Veterinary Task Force on Feline Sterilization

The Ohio Veterinarian Medical Association endorses the Feline Fix by Five campaign.

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