Partner Profile: Hospets

Partner Profile: Hospets

OAA is proud to feature the first in our series of Partner Profiles. Hospets, founded in 2011, is an Ohio organization that works to keep pets together as long as possible with their senior citizen and/or hospice patient owners. Hospets is an all-volunteer organization, serving Union and Franklin Counties. Hospets was a 2017Jefferson Awards Foundation winner for Public Service.

Hospets Mission:  To provide pet care assistance to senior citizens and hospice patients to help keep the pets in the home as long as possible. The presence of a pet is the strongest social predictor of survival, and pet ownership is especially important in increasing interest in life–pets give the elderly something to care for, as well as providing an opportunity for exercise and socialization. While pet ownership brings great rewards, there are also responsibilities and requirements to pet ownership. Many of the pet-owning seniors are unable to adequately provide for those due to their own health or finances.  To assist, Hospets helps on a variety of fronts:

Pet Food: Hospets will deliver pet food to seniors in need once a month.
Veterinary Care: As the cost of veterinary care increases, many seniors are unable to afford even a basic office call, much less any emergency needs.  Hospets will assist as much as possible.  We hold an annual vaccine clinic providing free pet vaccines for seniors in Union County.  We subsidize low-cost spay/neuter.  We may assist with emergency care on a case-by-case basis. We are also able to refer clients to low-cost resources in their area.
Transportation: Many of the seniors we serve are unable to drive or are unable to physically transport their pets to the veterinary office or groomer.  Hospets will pick the animals up at the home and transport to and from the vet or groomer.
Respite Care: Hospets utilizes our Respite Facility located in Marysville OH to provide care of dogs when the owner needs to be hospitalized.  Foster homes are also utilized.  Cats are able to receive care in their home when the owner is hospitalized. 
Rehoming assistance: Unfortunately, there are times when a pet must be rehomed.  Either the owner passes away or becomes physically unable to care for the pet.  Hospets will assist by seeking qualified rescues or adoptive homes for the pets.  

Service area: Hospets serves Union and Franklin Counties and will assist in other areas as space and resources allow. 

Learn more: For further information, see the Hospets website, FaceBook page, or contact:
Phone: Lisa Zimmerman, (614) 266-3267
Mail: PO Box 1063, Marysville OH 43040