Partner Profile: Jefferson County Humane Society

Partner Profile: Jefferson County Humane Society

Jefferson County Humane Society (JCHS) is OAA’s latest featured partner. Incorporated in 1916 and originally established to protect children and animals from abuse, JCHS now provides services without borders for pets living in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Current JCHS members are very proud to continue being a voice for Jefferson County animals over 100 years later!

JCHS Mission:  JCHS is a non-profit 501c3 organization which strives to improve the lives of animals, alleviate their suffering, and elevate their status in society. JCHS safeguards, rescues, shelters, heals, adopts, and advocates for animals in need, while inspiring community action and compassion on their behalf. JCHS has always fostered an atmosphere of love, compassion and respect for animals and takes very seriously the responsibility for eliminating any pain, fear and suffering in all animals.

Services Provided: JCHS offers the community an array of services including:

  • Fully-staffed veterinary clinic offering quality care at an affordable cost. Walk-ins are encouraged! Services include spaying/neutering, vaccinations, dental cleaning/extractions, nail trimming, ear cleaning, x-rays, microchipping, veterinary examinations, comprehensive bloodwork, ultra sounds, parasite prevention and treatment, prescriptions, Cross-Over Care (euthanasia), and even a “Fear-Free Initiative” that addresses pets’ anxiety in the clinic.
  • Pet Food Pantry for those in need of cat and dog food; free food is available on Tuesdays at the JCHS Clinic from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Community Outreach program, recently expanded, to help more pet owners get the help they need to care for their pets
  • Humane Operations with four Humane Agents and a new Outreach Agent, who does the follow up visits and helps people obtain the tools necessary to properly care for their pets
  • Jefferson County Animal Shelter including dog and cat adoptions, surrenders, and pre-adoption medical care
  • Thriving volunteer program with monthly training for new volunteers. JCHS LOVES their volunteers! (If you are local, please consider volunteering!)
  • Canine Behavior Specialist who assesses each dog and develops an individualized plan including training goals
  • Affordable training classes for owners and dogs
  • Robust Foster Program caring for more animals than JCHS has ever had before

Service area: JCHS helps pets living in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Learn more: For further information, see the Jefferson County Humane Society website, FaceBook page, or contact:
Phone: JCHS Shelter, (740) 314-5583; JCHS Clinic, (740) 792-4350
JCHS Shelter: 200 Airpark Dr, Wintersville OH 43953
JCHS Clinic: 81 Talbott Dr, Wintersville OH 43953