Partner Profile: Licking County Trap-Neuter-Return

Partner Profile: Licking County Trap-Neuter-Return

OAA is excited to present Licking County Trap-Neuter-Return (LCTNR). LCTNR is a 100% donation-funded and volunteer-staffed program servicing unowned community cats and has serviced over 1,000 cats in 70 colonies! “Our partnership with OAA will allow us to advocate for community cats throughout Ohio.”

Mission:   LCTNR’s mission is to improve the quality of life for Licking County community cats and the people who live near them. LCTNR identifies groups of cats (colonies) living outdoors and the people who are striving to provide aid for them. These are often wild, feral cats or abandoned pet cats that are now fending for themselves. Unfortunately, these cats often freely reproduce causing populations to grow exponentially. This leads to unwanted effects in the neighborhoods such as cats urinating and defecating in flowerbeds, nighttime yowling and fighting, other nuisance behaviors, sick and dying kittens, and property damage.  Cats suffer from repeated litters, frostbite, injury, starvation, and/or illness because they don’t receive regular veterinary care.  LCTNR works with colony caregivers to promote humane management practices that decrease the cats’ impact on the neighborhood and improve the cats’ welfare. LCTNR trains caregivers in TNR tactics to control population growth and provides spay/neuter clinics to sterilize the cats under their care. The program empowers colony caregivers to continue to care for the cats while minimizing the cats’ impact on the community. In the end, cats, caregivers, and neighborhoods all benefit. 

TNR is the humane and effective approach for managing stray and feral cats. Now in practice for decades in the US after being proven in Europe, scientific studies show TNR improves the lives of feral cats, improves their relationships with the people who live near them, and decreases the size of colonies over time. LCTNR provides training to colony caregivers in how to safely trap the members of their colony. Cats are taken to surgical clinics staffed by LCTNR program volunteers and are spayed/neutered; vaccinated for rabies; and treated for fleas, intestinal parasites, and any other medical conditions. Cats are then returned to the caregiver who provides post-operative care until release back into the colony. The result is healthier cats that cannot reproduce. When a sterilization rate of 80% is reached, colony growth stops. With appropriate management and continued TNR of new arrivals, colony size continues to shrink over time. LCTNR provides training in TNR, loans traps, and provides surgical clinics at no cost to colony caregivers.

Finances are one of the biggest barriers to getting community cats fixed. Since the LCTNR program is 100% donation funded, this barrier is removed and the lives of cats and the people near them are improved. LCTNR’s goal is to provide colony caregivers with knowledge, equipment, and services so they are empowered to be responsible for and able to continue care of the colony. 

LCTNR has serviced over 70 colonies and sterilized over 1000 cats in Licking County preventing countless kittens being born and preventing significant suffering. This would not be possible with out the support of the community and our tireless volunteers. LCTNR accepts donations via their Facebook page and holds various fundraisers throughout the year. LCTNR looks forward to continuing to make a difference in Licking County and beyond!  

Upcoming event: The Highway 40 Garage Sale occurs annually the first weekend in June. All proceeds from the sale go to provide services for the cats. LCTNR accepts garage sale items as donations year-round–message LCTNR on FaceBook to arrange item pick-up.

Service area: Licking County

Learn more: For further information, see the Licking County TNR FaceBook page or contact:
Phone: (614) 506-4126
Address: 9389 Hirst Rd SE, Heath OH 43056