Partner Profile: RESCUEDohio

Partner Profile: RESCUEDohio

OAA is pleased to introduce RESCUEDohio! This amazing organization was formed in 2015, has over 300 volunteers, and has placed nearly 2,000 dogs into forever homes in only four years of operation!

Mission: RESCUEDohio’s mission is to find homes for unwanted and abandoned dogs and to advocate for the rights of all animals everywhere.

Charlie “before”
Charlie “after”

RESCUEDohio brings in dogs to the Columbus OH area from over-crowded rural shelters around the state and works hard to find the right homes for them to spend the rest of their days. Together with their veterinarians, they are able to manage medical treatment from the most simple to the most complicated procedures, often requiring the care of a specialized team. 

Passionately committed to the humane and ethical treatment of animals, RESCUEDohio works with positive reinforcement trainers to help its dogs learn from a trusted and safe hand. 

RESCUEDohio’s efforts to help educate the community on animal rescue include visits to nursing homes, schools, and corporate events, as well as radio and television spots to highlight dogs in their care that have needed extra care or medical help. 

RESCUEDohio partners with rescues across the state to bring dogs to safety and to reduce the burden on shelters with limited resources.

Upcoming Event:  Golf Outing, 09/27/2020, at Homestead Springs Golf Course.  Watch for details on the RESCUEDohio FaceBook page!

Service area: State-wide

Learn more: For further information, see the RESCUEDohio website, FaceBook page, or contact:
Phone: RESCUEDohio operates solely via email
Mail: PO Box 382, New Albany OH 43054
Location: Columbus, OH (there is no building)