Pet Protection Information

Federal & State Laws

  • Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act (Federal), signed on 11/25/2019.
  • Pet and Women Safety (PAWS) Act included in 2018 Farm Bill (Federal). Signed on 12/20/2018, it extended federal domestic violence protections to include pets and authorized $3 million/year in grants through 2023 to help domestic violence shelters accommodate pets.
  • Ohio House Bill 33 (State), signed on 1/6/21. It requires social service counselors, and veterinary professionals to report suspected animal abuse and neglect to humane enforcement. It also requires law enforcement, dog wardens, and animal care officers to report suspected child abuse. The bill becomes law 90 days after signing (Legislative Service Commission Analysis).
  • 2023 Animal League Defense Fund, U.S. State Animal Protection Laws Ranking Report

Resources Materials

News Media

Literature & Toolkits

  • The 25 by 2025 campaign is working to get 25% of domestic violence shelters to become pet friendly by 2025. They have developed an advocacy guide for community members to learn how to create a dialogue around co-sheltering with their local domestic violence shelter.
  • Society Register article, 2019 Vol 3 No. 3, “The Link between Interpersonal Violence and Animal Abuse”, co-authored by Vicki Deisner.
  • Animal Welfare Institute’s Representing Domestic Violence Survivors with Pets in Ohio is a manual for domestic violence attorneys and advocates assisting survivors in obtaining protection orders for their pets
  • National Link Coalition’s LINK-Letter, a free monthly publication that addresses current legislation, programs, and coverage of family violence incidents nationwide. The Coalition works in partnership to stop violence against animals and people.
  • Ohio Domestic Violence Network’s 07/2010 report, In Harm’s Way, established a strong link between the safety of abuse victims and pets in Ohio. Includes results of a survey of Ohio domestic violence programs which assessed the needs and resources available to victims concerned about the safety and well-being of pets.
  • Sheltering Animals & Family Together (SAF-T) Program created a guide to developing co-sheltering options for domestic violence victims and family pets.
  • National Sheriffs’ Association Resolution 2019-03 and National Coalition on Violence Against Animals supporting letter with data linking domestic violence and animal abuse.
  • Not Without My Pet: Understanding the Relationship Between Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Pets by Andrew Campbell.