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We strive to make Ohio a place where all animals are protected from cruelty, abuse, and neglect.

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We lead and collaborate with teams across Ohio to champion humane policy and coexistence with animals deserving of respect and protection.

It takes a village.

An animal compassionate one. We welcome Ohioans looking to turn their compassion into action.


Making a Difference

Advocacy Networks

Fundamental change can be accomplished only through the collaborative efforts of diverse groups who come together to work on innovative solutions.

Community Compassion

Systemic change happens when communities learn to enhance the human-animal bond, improve safety, and increase their compassion for animals.

Statewide Resources

When resources are critical to action and advocacy, it is important to have  a source for statewide connections that help Ohio and Ohio animals.

Pet Assistance

To support struggling families and their pets, we provide valuable resources such as a list of programs designed for seniors and low-income families.

Pet Protection

We advocate for at-risk family members and safety planning for their pet(s) because we recognize a link between animal abuse and family violence.

Wildlife Protection

An opportunity exists for a new approach to learning how we can coexist with wildlife and advocate for protective policies at the state and local level.


  • 03/05/2021
    The Housing 2021 Conference hosted by the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio (COHHIO) will take place on 4/5/21 – 4/7/21.  OAA’s Executive Director Vicki Deisner will be speaking on Tuesday 4/6/21 in the workshop Fair Housing: Animals on Housing and Shelters.  Register at https://registration.socio.events/e/housingohio2021
  • 03/04/2021
    Columbus Dispatch opinion piece by Sue Villilo highlights the increased ‘high danger’ domestic violence calls during the pandemic – at the same time funding is slashed.  LLS Choices for Domestic Violence services hotline has seen a 16% increase in the number of high danger calls (high likelihood of serious harm or killed by abuser) during the pandemic – yet their …
  • 03/02/2021
    My Dog Is My Home (MDIMH), the nation’s leading nonprofit working to increase access to shelter and housing for people experiencing homelessness with companion animals, is pleased to announce its inaugural Co-Sheltering Conference, sponsored in part by PetSmart Charities and Maddie’s Fund! This three-day virtual event on March 2-4, 2021 promises to educate, entertain and engage attendees and speakers from all …
  • 03/01/2021
    RedRover awarded $244,627 for Safe Housing Grants in the second grant cycle of 2020.  RedRover’s Safe Housing Grants were awarded to animal and domestic violence shelters to build dedicated housing for animal victims of abuse.  For Ohio animal and domestic violence shelters interested in RedRover’s grant program – go to RedRover.org/dvhelp.  OAA partners with RedRover on efforts in Ohio related to …
  • 02/26/2021
    3/1/2021 is World Wildlife Day.  OAA partners Vet Tech Colleges have produced a guide in honor of this day entitled World Wildlife Day Advocacy Guide – How Can Animal Lovers Get Involved?.  For this piece, Vet Tech Colleges interviewed Denise Gross, Executive Director of the Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy.   In addition, Vet Tech Colleges has produced these other comprehensive guides and interviews …
  • 02/25/2021
    OAA’s partner Mindy Drayer authored the heartfelt book “Guylo” –  a true story of love and friendship and the depth of the human-animal bond.  “Guylo” is a book that will help everyone cope with the loss of their best furry friend. “Guylo” sells for $9.95 on Amazon, but for OAA members you can get it directly for $8 through Mindy at minran54@yahoo.com – partial …

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